• Fun With Shipping

    I have to blog this so that when people say “that can’t be true” I can point to this blog post.

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  • VMware WorkspaceONE Notifications are a crime against productivity

    VMware’s WorkspaceOne has an annoying feature on macOS where every time it does an update you get a notification. This steals my cursor, interrupts my work, and breaks my concentration.

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  • Dear Sen. Joe Manchin

    Dear Senator Joe Manchin,

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  • Should I run for Governor?

    Here’s my thinking…

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  • My response to the anti-Brexit people

    To the person on Redit who called the Brexit plan obviously poorly concocted.

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  • What Is Yak Shaving?

    What Is Yak Shaving?

    What is yak shaving?

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  • GOP attempt to add a 'January Exception' to the constitution fails

    An attempt to add a “January Exception” to the U.S. constitution failed yesterday as GOP leaders could not muster enough votes to pass their bill. The 44-to-56 vote was a major victory for constitutional originalism, law and order, and other concepts that the GOP used to believe in. “I’m disappointed in the result.” said Joe Embez, “How could I be convicted of stealing from my employer when I don’t work there any more? read more

  • How should SaaS providers charge for training?

    The other day a vendor added $6k of “training” to my quote. Here’s how insulting that is.

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  • Bimodal Politics

    Politics in the U.S. is bimodal.

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  • Prepare for the worst: Part 1, WW1 and Germany

    Copied from Facebook. Not written by me. I’ll have commentary later this week.

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  • It Was Trump, Not Antifa

    Dear friends of mine who support Trump:

    Your “it was Antifa” claims have all been disproven, but it did buy you an additional 12-24 hours to come up with some other cover.

    Good job! Your strategy worked! …but not for long!

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  • Schools should teach more statistics, less calculus

    Why don’t (most) public schools teach statistics?

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  • Die Hard is anti-American propaganda

    [NOTE: This is a rough draft of a rant.]

    Is “Die Hard” a Christmas film? Who cares!

    Die Hard is anti-American propaganda. It is full of lies that give people the impression that the U.S. government can’t do anything right. Anyone raised seeing that movie will grow up with misconceptions about the government that are harmful to our society.

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  • The long road to publishing a scientific paper

    Here’s an infographic from Kathryn M. Everson.

    I didn’t write it, but I want to make it available outside of social media where it is hard to surface. (I hope she doesn’t mind.)

    What I love about this is that it explains that real science is slow and takes time. Hollywood movies portray science as a series of overnight miracles; Star Trek shows Jordi inventing entire new categories of science by the end of a 60-minute episode. Real science takes years. Real science is boring 99.99 percent of the time, punctuated by amazing discoveries. Real scientists are underpaid and over-worked.

    Having a youtube channel is unrelated to someone’s qualifications.

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  • Billionaires Shouldn't Exist

    Here’s a meme that I collected from social media. I didn’t write it, but I thought I’d make it accessible here.

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  • Biden Has a Mandate!

    Biden has a mandate.

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  • Shipping used to be 6-8 weeks

    Remember back in the old days when if you ordered anything from a company, delivery was “6 to 8 weeks”?

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  • Trump's Virus, Trump's Pandemic, Trump's Fault!

    According to The Red Cross, there are fewer house fires in December and January.

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  • I Support Ex-Homophobes

    You know what I want in the world? I want people that are on the other side of political issues to change their mind. I want them to “see the light”.

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  • Google Meets and Sneezes

    Dear Google Meets,

    We need to talk about your product.

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  • Those Two Dozen Republicans Should Be Arrested

    When the two-dozen GOP senators disrupted Laura Cooper’s deposition, they didn’t just create a publicity stunt… they created a security hole that every spy agency in the world could take advantage of.

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  • Comcast's concern is that they can't fuck you hard enough

    Comcast’s #1 concern is that if they can’t fuck you hard enough.

    Or, as Vice reported it, Comcast Is Lobbying Against Encryption That Could Prevent it From Learning Your Browsing History.

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  • How Not to Unit Test

    Dave Cheney started a Twitter discussion about when a unit test is not a unit test.

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  • It's time for Chocolately

    Increasingly, vendors understand that the inability to rapidly deploy their products affects the customers’ ability to rapidly purchase their products.

    (quoted from Page 152 of The Practice of System and Network Administration, Third Edition)

    I believe I first wrote that quote in 1999 when the first edition was still in draft form. That was 20 years ago. I’m embarrassed to say that in the last month I’ve had to remind two different vendors of this fact.

    Any vendor that thinks automated installation is a new concept… sigh.

    So what does that have to do with Chocolately?

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  • This is crap: Trump Economic Advisers Dismiss Fears of a Brewing Recession

    Today’s CNN headline is “Trump economic advisers dismiss fears of a brewing recession” (link).

    What crap.

    If they were honest they’d be saying:

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  • Reduce the maximum validity period for TLS/SSL server certificates

    Question: What would be the impact on your organization if the CA/Browser Forum approves a ballot reducing the maximum validity period for SSL/TLS server certificates from the current 825 days (27 months) at present to 397 days (13 months), effective for new certificates issued on or after March 1, 2020? (Existing certificates will remain valid for their full term).

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  • When you think about Google, what disappoints you the most?

    My reply to:


    My answer was a 17-part megatweet. I’ve collected them here and done a little editing.

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  • My offer to Jeff Bezos to bring HQ2 back to NYC

    Reporters say that NY Gov Cuomo is calling Jeff Bezos begging him to reconsider.

    I’m sure he’s offering even MORE concessions.

    Here’s what I would do as governor:

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  • Hell Is Server Hardware Firmware Upgrades

    So, I met with a major hardware vendor today to talk about firmware update processes. They have a few different products for managing firmware. The “best in class” that they offer is… a reminder of why enterprise IT is so f—ed up.

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