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I thought I’d share some info about our house.

The house was build around 1880. The exact year is unknown. It doesn’t appear in records in 1880 but does in 1890.

The house was built and lived in by Richards Kingsland Schuyler a.k.a. R. K. Schuyler.

R.K.Schuyler was from a prominent family in the region. How prominent? The neighboring town used to by called Kingsland, which is Robert’s middle name.

If you saw Hamilton you are familiar with his wife, Elizabeth Schuyler. Richards is Elizabeth’s third cousin twice removed.

Picture from June 2023:

June 2023

  • The octagonal turret that makes up the front of the house is a different size on each floor. It is a big dining room on the first floor, a smaller bedroom on the second floor, and a small room on the third floor.
  • The little blue house in back is the carriage house, which we rent out.

Picture from the 1920s:


  • This picture has been printed in every “history of our town” book I can find.
  • This picture was before the house had in-door plumbing or electricity.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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