Have a f***ing sales person call me!

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No, I won’t return your cold-call if your job title is similar to any of these:

  • “Business Development”
  • “Growth Account Executive”
  • “Revenue Operations”

Hang up the phone. Stop sending me email.

Find someone with “sales” in their title. Have them call me. I’lll gladly respond.

Let me explain why:

What I learned working in retail

As a teenager I worked at a mom-n-pop computer store at a mall. Yes, in the days of brick-and-mortar retail, there used to be computer stories that weren’t a franchise like Best Buy or CompUSA. (Kids… ask your grandparents what a mall was.)

One day, just after I started working there, a customer asked if I worked on commission. I told him yes, because I was. After the customer left the owner took me aside and explained something I’ll never forget:

“Your reason for being here is to help people find the right product; a product that will improve their lives. Yes, you are on commission, but that’s not the image we want our customers to have of us. Focus on creating happy customers and the money will follow.”

I responded, “so, what do I saw if someone asks if I’m on commission?”

“Never lie. Just say, “yes, I make a small commission but I’m really here to help you find the best solution for you.”

The owner was right for many reasons:

  • The Number 1 priority of sales is to help the customer. Money will follow.
  • If money is your #1 concern, it will show. Customers will lose trust. You won’t build a sustainable career.
  • Our commission really was was small (the Radio Shack down the hall paid a much higher percentage)

I kept that lesson with me well into adulthood. It has served me well. I’ve had great success and, most importantly, it has kept me sane.

So… about your title

Ok, ok, ok, I get it. Your company needs to grow, develop their business, and increase revenue. You have to hire people to do those things.

Just don’t put it in their job title.

It is distasteful.

Send me a fucking sales person.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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