Biden Needs to Promote His Success

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Biden is actually doing an amazing job but he’s being humble. This will cost him the election. He needs to start boasting.

Paul Krugman mades some good points in his Don’t Tell Anyone, but 2021 Was Pretty Amazing article.

  1. Biden saved Christmas / Christmas shopping wasn’t cancelled. The scary predictions were wrong, and Fox admitted its photos of empty shelves were from a few years ago because they couldn’t find any in 2021. (Biden took action to course-correct the the supply chain issues and it worked!)

  2. The economy has recovered from Covid faster than it recovered from 2008’s crisis. (Biden’s big bill had real positive impact and made our lives better.)

  3. There’s a good chance inflation will be minimal (personally I think most of the price increases we see are price gouging profiteers)

  4. …and much, much, more!

Here’s my thought:

Joe Biden should be touring the country taking credit for these things. When people ask about inflation, he should blame the price gouging assholes (maybe name a few of them).

He can’t just assume that he’ll get credit for good things… he has to promote them.

Heck, Trump took credit for things he had NOTHING to do with and often took credit for things that didn’t even happen. Biden should at least be hyping the things he deserves credit for!

If I was his Chief of Staff, I’d have Biden start each day with a big speech that ties his actions to the good things that are happening. He should be doing this EVERY FUCKING DAY between now and the mid-terms.

That’s how we win.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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