Don't make me use Cisco WebEx

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Here are my rules for using Cisco WebEx.

Dear Salespeople,

If you ask me to use Cisco WebEx, I’ll give you some choices:

Choice 1: Use something else. I’ll gladly send you a Zoom link.

Choice 2: Pay me $25 every time we use WebEx. You know how some websites charge a “convenience” for using a credit card? I charge an annoyance fee for making me use WebEx. You don’t have to pay me directly, just give me equivalent discount on my next purchase.

Why does WebEx suck? Cisco acquired WebEx. Cisco made some minor improvements but refused to invest deeply in it. The WebEx founder proposed improvements which were rejected. It got so frustrating that he left Cisco and started Zoom. Everything that’s good about Zoom could have been in WebEx but Cisco made the executive decision to keep WebEx sucking.

Why would anyone continue to use WebEx once they know this?

Here’s an article about Cisco’s fuckup.

Sorry, Cisco, you’ve got to learn to do better.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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