I no longer answer customer support surveys

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I no longer fill out customer support surveys.

It’s a waste of time and doesn’t fix the problem.

What score should I give when the person was trying to do a great job but was hamstrung by shitty tools?

I recently gave bad scores to someone in a CSAT (customer satisfaction) survey because I couldn’t hear them very well. They used the company-provided VOIP phone that had terrible quality. I had to ask the to repeat themselves over and over. Even then I was just guessing what they were saying based on the few words I did understand.

Later I learned person was going to get in trouble because of the score I had given. Their manager called me to verify my claim. I changed my score to “10 out of 10”. It wasn’t the person’s fault.

I think that CSATs are so popular because there is a myth that call center workers are terrible people that need to be held in check. The truth is that they’re trying their best, but they’re surrounded by shitty software, shitty equipment, and shitty processes.

CSATs should have a checkbox for, “The person I talked to was great but they spent most of the call fighting shitty software that they can’t change. Please fire the executive management that doesn’t understand this.”

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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