Dear Sen. Joe Manchin

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Dear Senator Joe Manchin,

Thank you for standing firm and demanding that we HELP AMERICANS LESS. The American Rescue Plan is a great bill, and you’ve made it better by HELPING AMERICANS LESS, demanding things like LESS reduced poverty, LESS help for children, LESS help for desperate families, and LESS help for teachers.

Since the day you first decided to run for political office, you’ve always asked the most important question: How can I HELP AMERICANS LESS? And now you’ve found the answer.

  • The American Rescue Plan was originally estimated to cut child poverty in half! Thanks your effort to HELP AMERICANS LESS it will reduce it by maybe a third.
  • The demands you made around unemployment benefits ($300/month instead of $400/month) will HELP AMERICANS LESS in every state.
  • The proposed $15 minimum wage wouldn’t take affect until 2025, but your demand to move it to a separate bill will most certainly HELP AMERICANS LESS than before because now it just won’t pass at all.
  • Your restrictions on who will receive $1400 stimulus checks will HELP AMERICANS LESS as 7 million fewer families will benefit. Many of those people live in your state. Way to go!

Thank you for being part of the effort to HELP AMERICANS LESS. We’ll remember in November! (If any of us are still alive.)


P.S. Do you have Susan Collins phone number? I’ll agree to pass any bill she wants if she switches parties.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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