My response to the anti-Brexit people

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To the person on Redit who called the Brexit plan obviously poorly concocted.

I don’t think you understand the strategy. Didn’t you get the memo?

Yes, Brexit will be a lot of pain in the SHORT TERM. This is a LONG TERM plan. About 50 years from now things will start to get better. What’s 50 years of pain and suffering and higher prices and lost jobs compared to things being better starting at year 51 and going on to infinity. Do you know how long infinity is? It’s super long!

Be patient. Stick with the plan. In 50 years you’ll be so happy you won’t believe just how happy you are.

There’s only 2 things that can ruin this plan:

  1. If someone else gets elected during those 50 years who doesn’t stick with the plan. At which point, we’ll blame them. I mean, it isn’t our fault. Our plan was perfect. You can’t blame us for someone else ruining it.

  2. This plan being totally wrong and broken. In which case, none of the people who put this plan together will be alive but I assure you they will be very humbled by the realization that they were wrong.

Either way, the pro-Brexit people win. Right?

In the meanwhile, enjoy the racist and xenophobic rhetoric.

Seriously folks! When has that kind of rhetoric lead to anything significant in Europe?

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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