Countries and States I've Visited

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In response to a Facebook meme:

The typical American has visited 8 states, many have never been outside of their home state, nor have been outside the country.

Countries I’ve been to: (and the first year I was there)

12 as of 2020-07

  • USA: (born)
  • Australia: 2001 (Melbourne/Sydney, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Tasmania, Tasmania)
  • Canada: 2002ish (Toronto, Vancouver)
  • England: 2004 (I don’t think I’ve been outside of London)
  • Germany: 2004ish (just the Frankfurt airport)
  • Ireland: 2006
  • Italy: 2019 (technically 2010ish but it was Courmayeur. Does that count?)
  • Scotland: 2002-ish
  • Sweden: 2003? (once for a conference)
  • Switzerland: 2007? (Zurich and nearby towns, plus a drive to Italy)
  • The Netherlands: 2004 (Amsterdam, Gurgaon, Utrecht, and others)
  • Turkey: 2012?

States/Territories I’ve Visited:

36 as of 2020-07-01

  • Alabama:
  • Alaska:
  • Arizona: YES
  • Arkansas:
  • California: YES (many)
  • Colorado: YES
  • Connecticut: YES (born there)
  • Delaware: YES
  • Florida: YES
  • Georgia: YES (first time in 1991 when I drove NJ to FL)
  • Hawaii: YES (twice)
  • Idaho: YES (once, for a 3-day planning meeting)
  • Illinois: YES (many times)
  • Indiana:
  • Iowa:
  • Kansas:
  • Kentucky: YES
  • Louisiana: YES
  • Maine: YES
  • Maryland: YES
  • Massachusetts: YES
  • Michigan: YES (once; 1990-ish?)
  • Minnesota: YES (once in the 90s))
  • Mississippi:
  • Missouri:
  • Montana:
  • Nebraska:
  • Nevada: YES (sat least 3 times)
  • New Hampshire: YES
  • New Jersey: YES (live there)
  • New Mexico:
  • New York: YES (I work there!)
  • N Carolina: YES
  • N Dakota:
  • Ohio: YES (Ohio Linux Fest)
  • Oklahoma:
  • Oregon: YES (one of my fav. places to visit!)
  • Pennsylvania: YES (too many times to count)
  • Puerto Rico: YES (had a terrible time on a work trip)
  • Rhode Island: YES (once as a destination; maybe driven through it too)
  • S Carolina: YES (drove through without stopping)
  • S Dakota:
  • Tennessee: YES (a few conferences)
  • Texas: YES (mostly for conferences)
  • U.S. Virgin Islands:
  • Utah: YES (first time in 1993-ish for work; a few conferences since)
  • Vermont: YES
  • Virginia: YES
  • W Virginia: YES
  • Washington D.C.: YES
  • Washington: YES
  • Wisconsin: YES
  • Wyoming:

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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