Google Meets and Sneezes

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Dear Google Meets,

We need to talk about your product.

Every evolution of Google Hangouts/Meets/Whatever makes it more difficult to mute when I sneeze.

Currently GMeets requires a mouse move, click, wait for UI animation, mouse move, click on an icon precariously placed near the hangup icon.

I’m expected to do all that while my body is trembling trying to hold back a sneeze? WTF? I hang up by mistake at least once a week.

Yes, there is a keyboard shortcut: ALT-D. First you have to reach for and grab the mouse, move it to make the pointer appear, click into the window, then press and hold ALT, then type D.

The mouse-only solution is hard to do while also reaching for a tissue. The keyboard solution requires the mouse, then the keyboard, and now I’m out of hands to reach for the issue box.

Why “ALT”? Why any meta key at all?

Competitors have “press and hold spacebar” to mute. Simple.

Radio stations have a BIG F’ING SNEEEZE BUTTON right smack in the center of the console. It is easy to find, easy to press, and it springs back when you release it.

My theory is that no Google employee has ever been a radio DJ (what’s radio?) or that no Google employees ever sneeze. Maybe Google has a magical pill that assures that prevents sneezes. I want that pill.

Please please please add a “temporary mute on spacebar”.

You do have competitors and they do a better job.

P.S. How is this NOT a problem for Google employees???

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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