The President Has Been Impeached

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This is a sad day for our country. Impeachment is a “last resort”. The fact that it has come to this shows what a sorry state our democracy has become.

I remember when Reagan was shot. I heard about it as I was walking home from school. When I got home my father was there and I was all excited, “Reagan was shot! Isn’t that great?” I was a bit too young to understand politics, but I knew that my parents disagreed with Reagan’s policies. I thought my father would be happy.

My father looked at my sternly and said that we should never be happy that our president is harmed.

I learned an important lesson that day.

Trump brought this upon himself. He has to take responsibility for his actions. He has publicly confessed to what he has done but refuses to admit that what he did was a crime. Now, his presidency will always have an asterisk by his name.

I am reminded of the episode of The West Wing where someone explains that after the inauguration he is no longer Mr Bartlett or even President Bartlett: The staff refers to him as “The President”. Why? Because he is no longer representing himself, he is representing the office of the president. He doesn’t serve himself, he serves the country. That’s what the constitution says and when we stop acting that way, we have a dictatorship.

I’m not sure what will happen next. I do believe it will get worse before it gets better. I pray for our country and hope that after this man leaves the White House (by removal, resignation, or election), the healing can begin. Until then, we must all be vigilant and not give up hope. Not hope for or against the man, but for this country.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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