This is crap: Trump Economic Advisers Dismiss Fears of a Brewing Recession

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Today’s CNN headline is “Trump economic advisers dismiss fears of a brewing recession” (link).

What crap.

If they were honest they’d be saying:

“Is the economy about to collapse? Yes. This is our plan and we are right on schedule! Go us! We’re going to use this recession as ’the emergency we’ve been waiting for’ so that we can fuck up America and bring it back to how it was 150 years ago.”

“We’ve been slowly building to this for 30 years. We’ve been carefully timing this so that it would happen during a Republican administration. It almost happened in 2008 but… fuck fuck fuckity fuck… that damn Obama prevented the emergency. Well, that won’t happen this time. Now we’ve got a GOP president, a GOP senate, and a weak house that Koch and others have bought and paid for. This is what we’ve been waiting for and we’re NOT going to fuck it up this time!”

“We’re going to let the economy crash, declare an emergency (call it “austerity”), and force through our entire God damn agenda. Your grandparents just barely surviving on social security? Fuck them. Your kids getting educated in public schools? Fuck them. Your clean drinking water and breathable air? Fuck you. All that shit is going away. Too bad you didn’t listen to the warnings, suckers!”

Let me put it this way:

The GOP has spent the last 30 years working towards this. They’re going to bring the country back to how it was in the 1800s: The wild west where “every man for himself” is the rule of the land.

The GOP agenda is simple: They want to get rid of every law and social program that is good. They want to end social security, welfare, and everything else.

Don’t believe me? Read the GOP platform that they vote on every 4 years at the GOP convention (those conventions aren’t just about nominating a presidential candidate!)

The problem (for the GOP) is that Americans love those programs. They love that social security has practically ended poverty for our grandparents. They love that when you lose your job you have a helping hand for a few months until you find a new one. They love that starving people have temporary food assistance.

And the GOP’s platform, voted on every 4 years at the GOP convention, is hell bent on ending all that stuff that you and I love.

So how does the GOP plan on ending these popular programs? They want to create an emergency big enough that nobody will notice what they’re doing.

They’ve spent the last 30 years slowly slowly slowly putting the economy on the brink of disaster. Building up huge debt when GOP owns the whitehouse, and cutting the infrastructure that prevents fraud when the Dems own the whitehouse. The goal is to have the debt so large that “the only solution” (so they will claim) is to cut all government spending.

They tried to do this in 2008. Sadly it was too close to an election to activate the plan. If Bush had eliminated all those programs Obama would have definitely won the whitehouse. Oh shit, then he did win the whitehouse and instead of enacting austerity programs, he did the opposite and invested in programs that made things better… at least better enough to muddle though.

Now we have attempt number two.

I worry for the future of this country.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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