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When did the word “Ask” become a noun and how do we stop this butchering of language?

I’m glad you asked because I happen to know the answer!

It started in non-profits. When doing fundraising you have the pitch followed by the ask (for money). I’ve used the term myself when giving workshops on how to do fundraising.

This language bled into the corporate world. That’s how it happened.

Now this is where I get sarcastic…

Yes, I agree. It is butchering the language and should be stopped.

Also… the word “computer” means the person that does mathematical computations for people in a business.

For some reason people now use that term for a machine that hardly does the same thing! You can’t consult with it about the task at hand. You can’t have a conversation with it (until recently, but it is a poor simulation). Plus, people use them for math other than finance and calculating projectile trajectories! What’s up with that???

Some of these computing devices (the proper term, by the way) are used for games! How gauche!!

This too, is terrible and should be stopped.

The English language should be static and never change!

Don’t you agree?

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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