Daylight Savings Time is a socialist plot!

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Did you know that DST was first proposed by socialists?

  • DST was first used in socialist Canada in 1908. Daylight SAVINGS time? More like Daylight SOCIALIST time!

  • Did you know that socialist President Franklin Roosevelt instituted year-round DST during WWII as a temporary measure. After the war, real Americans tried to stop it. Roosevelt vetoed that bill and we’ve been stuck with it ever since! If it wasn’t socialist, why would he have tried to stop it?

  • Socialists in California are trying to make DST an all-year thing for CA! In 2018 they passed a law but it requires federal approval. Thank god Trump has stopped it!

  • Good, conservative, states like Arizona have no DST ever! They seem to do just fine!

  • DST was first proposed by Benjamin Franklin but it was a joke. Humorless socialists thought he was serious!

  • There’s no DST in the bible!!!

  • ICE can’t legally arrest illegal migrants that sneak across the border during the “missing hour”. We have no idea how many take advantage of this! It could be thousands!

  • Don’t believe the liberal hype! Get rid of DST before it causes our children to worship Stalin, Lenin, and McCartney!

Write and call your members of congress today! Demand that FoxNews and Trump put a stop to this socialist plot forever! Stop Democratic Socialist Time!

Don’t believe me? Here are some well-respected authorities that agree:

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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