I just made it a LOT easier to write letters to my representatives.

I made a template with 1 page per representative. Any time I want to write a letter I can clone the doc, fill in paragraphs as needed, and delete the pages of the representatives that I don’t want to contact. I’ve also pre-programmed my label printer for the addresses of all involved.

I can probably write a letter to all 6 representatives (3 federal, 3 state) in about 5 minutes if I tried hard.

Printed letters make a better impression than phone calls (though hand-written letters are known to be taken even more seriously). That said, email/web-based messages to representatives are better than procrastinating and not sending anything at all.

I tested my new system today and sent different messages to all my representatives.

Feel free to clone my document and make your own template! The template can be downloaded here