A template for sending letters to Congress

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I just made it a LOT easier to write letters to my representatives.

I made a template with 1 page per representative. Any time I want to write a letter I can clone the doc, fill in paragraphs as needed, and delete the pages of the representatives that I don’t want to contact. I’ve also pre-programmed my label printer for the addresses of all involved.

I can probably write a letter to all 6 representatives (3 federal, 3 state) in about 5 minutes if I tried hard.

Printed letters make a better impression than phone calls (though hand-written letters are known to be taken even more seriously). That said, email/web-based messages to representatives are better than procrastinating and not sending anything at all.

I tested my new system today and sent different messages to all my representatives.

Feel free to clone my document and make your own template! The template can be downloaded here

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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