How the Internet Ends

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In effort to shut down Telegram, Russia blocks Amazon, Google network addresses

This is how our beloved Internet is destroyed. First China built a firewall around its country. Next Russia disconnects and eventually starts requiring sites to be whitelisted to be visible to their citizens. Soon every country has its own internet, isolated from all other countries; diplomats negotiating which sites can be seen between countries.

Eventually someone will decide that they dislike ICANN enough that they start their own DNS so that in their country goes to their home-grown search engine. Eventually every tiny company will have to negotiate to exist in each country, requiring fees in some (bribes), restrictions on content in others, etc.

Attempts to prevent this (key signed BGP, DNSSEC, global net neutrality rules, and so on) have been scuttled by countries with strict censorship laws for years. They’ve been planning this. They are winning.

Eventually a globally open and free internet will be considered an accident of history. Something we tell our grandkids about.

Fuck you, Russia. Fuck you, Trump. Fuck you, China. Fuck you Tea Party claiming that “net neutrality is a commie plot” when it is really all about trying to save the fucking internet. Since 1996 the IETF has been battling to prevent this shit meanwhile everyone else called them paranoid. Fuck you for not listening.

Never fear. The wikipedia-clone in YOUR country will be edited to hide all of this history so you’ll never even know it could have been different.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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