Expensify.com: How I Hate Thee

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Expensify drives me fucking nuts.

  1. The import from AmEx works… unless it doesn’t. Usually it is missing some items. ok, I’ll manually add them. Usually it includes a few items from the next month’st statement. Ok, I’ll delete that and… oh, shit. You can’t delete an item that was imported. I tried to fix this a few months ago. It was a 3 hour session with their tech support. I’m not interested in repeating that. So, fuck it. I’m submitting my expense report with numbers that don’t match and someone in AP can figure it out.

  2. SmartScan is terrible. It takes hours, or days. I can enter things manually faster. If they can’t scan something faster than I can enter the info, they should just give up, put up a message that says, “Why don’t you just tell me what the amount was?”. The other day I couldn’t submit a report because an image was still scanning. I came back the next day and the image had disappeared. I had to re-find and re-upload and re-scan the image. This time I didn’t allow it to smartscan. The net result? I submitted my report a day later than I had to with zero benefit. I should have just cancelled the smart scan and submitted it on the first day.

  3. None of the workflows make sense. You drag and drop a receipt image and it starts scanning. Then… it disappears. So, you try to attach it to an entry in a report, and it.. isn’t there either.

  4. And much more…

The software is so inconsistant that I can’t even set up a repeatable demo to file a bug report.

This software is so terrible that I get visibly angry. Using Expensify ruins my day. I have started using it only after 4pm so that when I’m done, I have leave the office and nobody will see me in such a bad mood.

Normally I advocate that people file bug reports. “Bug report or it didn’t happen!” but I’m giving up on Expensify. Normally I record a video capture of bugs like this but in this case there’s too much private info on the screen to do that.

So basically, I’m done trying to help Expensify help themselves.

Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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