• Stop Problems When They Are Small

    If you don’t stop problems when they’re small, you f— it up in historically catastrophic ways.

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  • Marketing Beats Campaigning

    (Originally posted on Facebook, Nov 9, 2016)

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  • Congress, PDFs, and CSVs

    The Sunlight Foundation spent years meeting with congresspeople trying to convince them to pass laws to get various government data (fundraising domains, government contracts and spending, etc.) published electronically.

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  • 30 Years Ago I Became an Activist

    (Originally posted to Facebook on October 11, 2017)

    Today is the 30th anniversary of the day I became an activist. Today in 1987 I went to the 2nd March On Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights. I drove down with four other students crammed in Joellen’s ludicrously bright orange station wagon. I was just going to be supportive.

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  • Political Predictions for 2017

    Constitutional Convention

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Tom Limoncelli

Tom Limoncelli

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