• My prediction from January 2, 2016

    A friend of mine dug up this Facebook post that I wrote in 2016. I hate when I’m right.

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  • Biden Needs to Promote His Success

    Biden is actually doing an amazing job but he’s being humble. This will cost him the election. He needs to start boasting.

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  • Mayo Clinic finds and fires 700 bio-terrorists!

    Headline: Mayo Clinic fires 700 employees for knowingly bringing harmful biological substances to work.

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  • ProTip: Give Your Enemy Bad Advice

    One of the most cynical tactics of GOPers is to make public statements recommending bad advice for Democrats. Then reporters join in and start repeating this bad advice. Soon there is a groundswell of support for this bad advice and the Democrats are tempted to cave. The GOPers cackle as they watch the Democrats fall into their trap.

    Want some examples?

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  • Cory Booker Teases Tuberville Over Defund The Police

    Senator Cory Booker just did something awesome.

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  • ISPs Against Fast Internet

    This is my webpage for tracking teleco executives trying to ruin the internet.

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  • Dear Sen. Joe Manchin

    Dear Senator Joe Manchin,

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  • My response to the anti-Brexit people

    To the person on Redit who called the Brexit plan obviously poorly concocted.

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  • GOP attempt to add a 'January Exception' to the constitution fails

    An attempt to add a “January Exception” to the U.S. constitution failed yesterday as GOP leaders could not muster enough votes to pass their bill. The 44-to-56 vote was a major victory for constitutional originalism, law and order, and other concepts that the GOP used to believe in. “I’m disappointed in the result.” said Joe Embez, “How could I be convicted of stealing from my employer when I don’t work there any more? read more

  • Bimodal Politics

    Politics in the U.S. is bimodal.

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  • Prepare for the worst: Part 1, WW1 and Germany

    Copied from Facebook. Not written by me. I’ll have commentary later this week.

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  • It Was Trump, Not Antifa

    Dear friends of mine who support Trump:

    Your “it was Antifa” claims have all been disproven, but it did buy you an additional 12-24 hours to come up with some other cover.

    Good job! Your strategy worked! …but not for long!

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  • Die Hard is anti-American propaganda

    [NOTE: This is a rough draft of a rant.]

    Is “Die Hard” a Christmas film? Who cares!

    Die Hard is anti-American propaganda. It is full of lies that give people the impression that the U.S. government can’t do anything right. Anyone raised seeing that movie will grow up with misconceptions about the government that are harmful to our society.

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  • Billionaires Shouldn't Exist

    Here’s a meme that I collected from social media. I didn’t write it, but I thought I’d make it accessible here.

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  • Biden Has a Mandate!

    Biden has a mandate.

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  • The First Amendment tells a story

    Did you know that buried in the U.S. Constitution is a story? It’s in the first amendment!

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  • Trump's COVID-19 Test

    I learned that President Reagan was shot while walking home from school. I was about a block away from my house and I remember running the whole way home.

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  • Trump's Virus, Trump's Pandemic, Trump's Fault!

    According to The Red Cross, there are fewer house fires in December and January.

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  • An open letter to Uncle Bob about "Defund The Police"

    You’ve tweeted that you feel “defund the police” is a terrible policy. I hope to change your mind.

    Ignore the name. It is imperfect. In software engineering terms, “defund the police” is similar to the strangler pattern.

    For the non-engineers reading this, TSP is a reasonable, pragmatic, and down-to-earth way to slowly replacement an old system with a new system. The name is terrible… I would have called it the warm hug of gradual change.

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  • I Support Ex-Homophobes

    You know what I want in the world? I want people that are on the other side of political issues to change their mind. I want them to “see the light”.

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  • Who Builds The H-Bomb? Not I!

    • “Who Builds The H-Bomb?”
    • Mark Levy, December ‘81
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  • How Biden can win like Obama

    I have a theory that 3 things lead to Obama’s win. He surprised the GOP three ways.

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  • A Good Sign

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  • Primaries 2024

    Wouldn’t it make more sense if the early primary states were picked from the battleground states of the previous election instead of being a fixed set of states? For example, the top 5 battleground states go first.

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  • How to spell the word "Bisexual"

    I wrote this in Oct 1999. I’ve fixed up some typos but otherwise this is unchanged.

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  • Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr and technology

    My Martin Luther King, Jr. day tradition is to listen to the speech he made at my alma mater, Drew University, in Madison, New Jersey, on Feb 5, 1964 (nearly a quarter century before I attend).

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  • The President Has Been Impeached

    This is a sad day for our country. Impeachment is a “last resort”. The fact that it has come to this shows what a sorry state our democracy has become.

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  • Those Two Dozen Republicans Should Be Arrested

    When the two-dozen GOP senators disrupted Laura Cooper’s deposition, they didn’t just create a publicity stunt… they created a security hole that every spy agency in the world could take advantage of.

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  • This is crap: Trump Economic Advisers Dismiss Fears of a Brewing Recession

    Today’s CNN headline is “Trump economic advisers dismiss fears of a brewing recession” (link).

    What crap.

    If they were honest they’d be saying:

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  • Daylight Savings Time is a socialist plot!

    Did you know that DST was first proposed by socialists?

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