• George Mack's Razors

    Goerge Mac (@george__mack) posted a list of rules and razors that he’s found useful. Before Twitter deletes them, I recorded them here.

    The originals are all here:

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  • Commonly misused business metaphors

    I keep hearing people misuse metaphors, or say them incorrectly. Here’s a list of them.

    I’m considering building a website that lists metaphors and their correct use. In the meanwhile, this blog post will have to do.

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  • Disability Advice

    Years ago a co-worker noticed something about our company’s disability policy.

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  • I no longer answer customer support surveys

    I no longer fill out customer support surveys.

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    • Fake panic: How to get customer support to listen

      Do you WANT to get paid?

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    • Lauren Gunderson's advice to actors

      When I read this acting advice by Lauren Gunderson it dawned on me how powerful it would be if every tech conference speaker applied it to their talks. Change her word “scene” to “slide” (or section) and it mostly fits.

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    • Which option to pick?

      If you have zero knowledge and need to make a decision, here’s some advice.

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    • On requiring experienced presenters to rehearse

      There’s a small controversy brewing behind the scenes at conferences because of this trend to require speakers to rehearse their talk via video conference prior to the event.

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    • Communicating Using the Numbers 1, 2, 3, and more

      The human brain reacts differently to lists of different sizes. When we align what we say with what the human brain expects, we are more effective communicators.

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    • How to encourage people to ask questions

      One cool trick to get an audience to ask more questions: Silence inspires questions.

      When you ask “Any questions?” be silent for least 10 seconds for someone to speak up. 15 seconds is better.

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