A developer's view of umask
How to Learn Vi / Vim
Go has eliminated most of my off-by-one errors except 0... I mean 1.
How do Google Captchas help train neural networks
Bash Env Variable Defaults
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An open letter to Uncle Bob about "Defund The Police"
I Support Ex-Homophobes
Who Builds The H-Bomb? Not I!
How Biden can win like Obama
A Good Sign
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The Best Personal Financial Advice I've Ever Gotten!
Tom's Finance Guide Part 8: More soon!
Tom's Finance Guide Part 7: Retire rich!
Tom's Finance Guide Part 6: Interlude about 401(k)
Tom's Finance Guide Part 5: Bonus material: Loan sharks
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A Star Wars Episode I memory
Million Dollar Computer-Controlled Drilling Machines
Fax Machines Arent Magic
Cryptographic Hashes
Safety Third!
On requiring experienced presenters to rehearse
Communicating Using the Numbers 1, 2, 3, and more
How to encourage people to ask questions
Tom's Rules for Conference Organizing
How to fix a conference? Rehearse Your Speakers
Thoughts on "Do the Right Thing" (1989)
The Slightly Broken Door Problem
Hotel Review: Aloft Charlotte
Million Dollar Computer-Controlled Drilling Machines
Countries and States I've Visited