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  • Who Builds The H-Bomb? Not I!

    • “Who Builds The H-Bomb?”
    • Mark Levy, December ‘81
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  • How Biden can win like Obama

    I have a theory that 3 things lead to Obama’s win. He surprised the GOP three ways.

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  • Google Meets and Sneezes

    Dear Google Meets,

    We need to talk about your product.

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  • A Good Sign

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  • Working at home with dogs

    Most of my company works remote, and with C-19 we are now all working remotely.

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  • Terms and conditions

    Section 1 Cookies: We reserve the right to set cookies and use use services that set cookies. Hell if we know what happens after that. Even if we had legal agreements with those external services, we wouldn’t trust those third parties to abide by the agreements. Nether should you. Section 2 Log retention: The web server we use logs all incoming requests (“traffic logs”) just like any reasonable web server software. read more

    • Primaries 2024

      Wouldn’t it make more sense if the early primary states were picked from the battleground states of the previous election instead of being a fixed set of states? For example, the top 5 battleground states go first.

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    • On requiring experienced presenters to rehearse

      There’s a small controversy brewing behind the scenes at conferences because of this trend to require speakers to rehearse their talk via video conference prior to the event.

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    • Clayton Christensen has died

      Clayton Christensen died on Jan 23, 2020 at the age of 67.

      You may know him from his 1997 best selling book, “The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail.”

      He was incredibly influential, well beyond the typical author.

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    • How to spell the word "Bisexual"

      I wrote this in Oct 1999. I’ve fixed up some typos but otherwise this is unchanged.

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    • Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr and technology

      My Martin Luther King, Jr. day tradition is to listen to the speech he made at my alma mater, Drew University, in Madison, New Jersey, on Feb 5, 1964 (nearly a quarter century before I attend).

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