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  • My prediction from January 2, 2016

    A friend of mine dug up this Facebook post that I wrote in 2016. I hate when I’m right.

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  • Biden Needs to Promote His Success

    Biden is actually doing an amazing job but he’s being humble. This will cost him the election. He needs to start boasting.

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  • Mayo Clinic finds and fires 700 bio-terrorists!

    Headline: Mayo Clinic fires 700 employees for knowingly bringing harmful biological substances to work.

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  • ProTip: Give Your Enemy Bad Advice

    One of the most cynical tactics of GOPers is to make public statements recommending bad advice for Democrats. Then reporters join in and start repeating this bad advice. Soon there is a groundswell of support for this bad advice and the Democrats are tempted to cave. The GOPers cackle as they watch the Democrats fall into their trap.

    Want some examples?

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  • Don't make me use Cisco WebEx

    Here are my rules for using Cisco WebEx.

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  • Fun With Shipping

    I have to blog this so that when people say “that can’t be true” I can point to this blog post.

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  • The Minimalist Headset Solution

    I got sick and tired video conferences being delayed by audio problems. I know that a lot of times it is a problem on my end, but I think everyone has had audio problems. How did I fix it? I got rid of any feature that caused me trouble until I had a trouble-free headset experience. Spoiler alert: I had to eliminate nearly all features. The purpose of this blog post is to provide links so that people can purchase the same equipment I now use.

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  • Cory Booker Teases Tuberville Over Defund The Police

    Senator Cory Booker just did something awesome.

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  • Numberwang (all videos)

    That’s Numberwang!

    I’m not going to try to explain.

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  • VMware WorkspaceONE Notifications are a crime against productivity

    VMware’s WorkspaceOne has an annoying feature on macOS where every time it does an update you get a notification. This steals my cursor, interrupts my work, and breaks my concentration.

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  • Commonly misused business metaphors

    I keep hearing people misuse metaphors, or say them incorrectly. Here’s a list of them.

    I’m considering building a website that lists metaphors and their correct use. In the meanwhile, this blog post will have to do.

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  • Vim n.n.n.n.n.n.

    What does “n.n.n.n.” do in Vim?

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  • HBO's Integration Test Email

    You’ve probably read about HBO’s ‘Integration Test’ Email. Just what is an “Integration test”?

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  • Disability Advice

    Years ago a co-worker noticed something about our company’s disability policy.

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  • Todoist: First impressions

    I’m considering switching to Todoist. Here are my notes as I try to use the techniques in Time Management for System Administrators which are collectively called The Cycle.

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  • I no longer answer customer support surveys

    I no longer fill out customer support surveys.

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  • Fake panic: How to get customer support to listen

    Do you WANT to get paid?

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  • Stack Overflow Is Hiring Azure SREs

    Stack Overflow Is Hiring Azure SREs

    Looking for SRE’s with experience in the Microsoft stack!

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  • ISPs Against Fast Internet

    This is my webpage for tracking teleco executives trying to ruin the internet.

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  • My Connection to Alexander Hamilton

    Thanks to my MIL’s exhaustive genealogy research, I can now say with certainty that my house was built by Alexander Hamilton’s wife’s third cousin twice removed.

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  • Dear Sen. Joe Manchin

    Dear Senator Joe Manchin,

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  • Should I run for Governor?

    Here’s my thinking…

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  • My response to the anti-Brexit people

    To the person on Redit who called the Brexit plan obviously poorly concocted.

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  • What Is Yak Shaving?

    What Is Yak Shaving?

    What is yak shaving?

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  • GOP attempt to add a 'January Exception' to the constitution fails

    An attempt to add a “January Exception” to the U.S. constitution failed yesterday as GOP leaders could not muster enough votes to pass their bill. The 44-to-56 vote was a major victory for constitutional originalism, law and order, and other concepts that the GOP used to believe in. “I’m disappointed in the result.” said Joe Embez, “How could I be convicted of stealing from my employer when I don’t work there any more? read more

  • How should SaaS providers charge for training?

    The other day a vendor added $6k of “training” to my quote. Here’s how insulting that is.

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  • Bimodal Politics

    Politics in the U.S. is bimodal.

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  • Prepare for the worst: Part 1, WW1 and Germany

    Copied from Facebook. Not written by me. I’ll have commentary later this week.

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  • It Was Trump, Not Antifa

    Dear friends of mine who support Trump:

    Your “it was Antifa” claims have all been disproven, but it did buy you an additional 12-24 hours to come up with some other cover.

    Good job! Your strategy worked! …but not for long!

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  • PowerShell and NAPTR DNS records: Part 2

    I think I’ve identified the bug in PowerShell’s handling of NAPTR records.

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  1. Don’t make me use Cisco WebEx
  2. ProTip: Give Your Enemy Bad Advice
  3. Mayo Clinic finds and fires 700 bio-terrorists!
  4. Biden Needs to Promote His Success
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